Modern Warfare 3 Trailer – The Vet and the Noob


Love it or hate it, Modern Warfare 3 is coming out, and it’s going to be massive. The expectation is for it to be the fastest selling game of all time, but even if it misses that mark, it will still move millions of units in a matter of hours.

Even if you hate the series, or at the very least have grown tired of it, you have to respect this new trailer for it, which no matter what fanboy camp you’re in, is undeniably awesome. It’s a live action spot called “The Vet and the Noob” and in those two roles casts Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill.

It starts out as you might expect, with Worthington kicking ass and Hill blindly spraying bullets and launching off noob toob grenades, but as time goes on, his skill level increases and well…just watch. It’s a really well done spot, and another victory for the COD marketing team who are experts at crafting memorable commercials. I’ve posted their last memorable one below:


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  1. I really liked this trailer, but everyone else on kotaku seemed to hate it for some reason. Of course, that phrase also sums up my thoughts about Sam Worthington, so that probably explains it.

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