Mission Impossible Face Masks are Here! Well, Almost


This is the creepiest/coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. SPFX Masks has made the “face mask” which is a hyper-realistic rubberized mask that’s really does remind me of the ones found in Mission Impossible.

No, you’re not actually going to fool a whole lot of people into actually thinking you’re a giant bald dude with a mustache, as you are essentially the uncanny valley brought to life, but it is probably the most realistic mask I’ve ever seen on an actual human, and so I can say we are indeed making progress. I’ll be posing as the President of the United States in no time!

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  1. That’s what I was thinking Raab. It would be a great way to throw the heat off your trail – especially if you’re not even a white dude!

    Also, if people start robbing places wearing these masks then the cops will think they’re got a string of robberies by the same person when it fact it could be by a number of people. Insanity.

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