Minecraft’s Turn for an Urban Legend

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So in recent months I’ve shown you The Urban Legend of Pokemon Black, and more recently Haunted Majora’s Mask, but now it’s time for gaming’s latest sensation to have its own spooky tale, as shown to me by a commenter yesterday.

The Minecraft tale you see above is less intense and elaborate than the other two I’ve posted, but I think that actually makes it all the more plausible, errr to some degree. It’s about a player encountering a ghost in the game who builds various shapes off in the distance, but can never actually be found. Supposedly, it has a tie to game’s creator, Notch. Read it to fill in the blanks.

And I have no idea what I’m supposed to be looking at in that picture. Can someone point out what I’m missing?

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  1. I can see him and it is kinda freaky that there is some sore of obvious coverup going on here. Enlarge the picture and youll pick him out. He’s a little right of the two trees on the left with a green shirt and purple pants

  2. of course it is a hoax! TING G=God or Ghost depending on your prediliction.

    Barring that, it is still a hoax cause there is a lack of internal logic. Clearly any Ghostly brother of Notch is gonna haunt the network connected version of Minecraft. Certainly not the single player. guh! How would he get from player to player??


  3. Actually i saw it yesterday march 5 my computer is working perfectly on minecraft and on march 6,2011(today) my computer is lagging on my new world Called Flying glass fortress and i thought
    “I done everything in this world i should just have fun and create a new one” So yea there it is i called it “New World” it was insanely weird world theres like huge mountains flying over it and using the Most Huge moutain i seen i build a house there put some ladders and a Minerail and mine cart below for fun :3
    and log off and log in 2 hours later
    and for some reason my ladders were gone and my rails are gone (seriously) and i went down to the deepest part of my minecart cave and saw a seen saying “Haha” it freak me out so much i took out my steel sword and my difficulty was on Peaceful also i forgot to write that my comp was lagging that i had to put my Distance on tiny :O and 7 hours later i finished everything there was a huge water fall and lava and i put the dif. on Normal and i was like and gonna kill creepers for Sulfur and make TNT i saw a green one over the valley followed and it was gone and put my distance on “FAR” and i saw a sign over there and a Cave there with torches saying “my house,my land,MY RULES’ i almost turn off the comp when i saw a Black guy on the farther most cave and walk away
    i thought it was my Lil brother first but this is real..

  4. that “ghost” is called herobrine notches deceased brother who supposedly inhabits minecraft as a normal player skin with glowing white eyes he normal creates random pyramids and other structures and if you ever encounter him head on he kill’s you i think it was he sets you on fire some say in real as well as you’re online minecraft self

  5. Poor people,
    If you’d did more research, you’d find that this person is REAL, but its a bot. Notch updated the game, and he said Herobrine is now out of the game so people stop freaking out! Hes a computer controlled player. BUT you gotta admit that hes freaking scary. While your digging in the mines you turn around and bam! There he is.
    Im glad hes away though. I didn’t enjoy minecraft with constant fear

  6. i think they should bring it back (if it was ever real) i think it would be sick to see. idk i like the creapy stuff in minecraft. thats why i started playing. i was amazed when i saw my friend playing the first time and he turned around to see a creaper. i just think its freakin awsome. my vote is for MORE RARE SPAWNS!

  7. wow thats creepy… im glad they got rid of him because my friends like minecraft and i dont want them to be scared 🙁 i think the creeper dudes are really creepy though

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