Mind = Blown: You Can Catch Mew in Pokemon Red/Blue Without Cheats


It’s an urban legend that has been in circulation for over a decade, but now has finally been proven true. You can in fact catch Mew without the use of cheats in the original Pokemon Red/Blue, and it doesn’t have anything to do with that damn truck by the SS Anne, which I may or may not have spent hours trying to move in my youth.

Rather, it’s an┬áincredibly┬áintricate process that takes place before you even get your third gym badge, and involves catching at least two other Pokemon before Mew will approach you. It apparently works, as it’s been confirmed by multiple sources, but what I want to know is how the hell someone figured out how to do this? How do you string together that sequence of events that leads to Mew’s appearance unless like, the developers themselves tipped you off?

But you know, Mew actually kind of sucks. Give me MISSINGNO any day.


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