Mila Kunis Agrees to Be a Marine’s Escort to a Military Ball


This isn’t our usual fare here on the site, as I’m not a big fan of celebrity gossip, but what I AM a big fan of is Mila Kunis, as evidenced by this post that racks ups thousands of hits every day, and has since its publishing. You can see why.

But today it’s nice to see that she’s actually a cool person as well. This guy, Sgt. Scott Moore, a Marine stationed in Afganistan, flung the longest Hail Mary of all time with this video where he asks Mila to accompany him to an upcoming military ball. Well the video went viral and Mr. Justin Timberlake saw it and said “Man, she has to do this.” He talked to his Friends with Benefits co-star and she agreed to actually do it. So Timberlake earns the wingman of the year award for that move.

So, what the hell do you say when you’re on a date with Mila Kunis?

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  1. well I wouldn’t suggest bricking her like other comments here, but I would say this : Man take her to the ball, have a great time, dance, drink so on and so on. Dude you deserve this being a Marine and defending our world (no I am not American, I am Australian and I believe anyone who would put there life on the line to defend me in another country should have all the best in life when there done. And its sad this isn’t the case mostly). And dude if one thing leads to another, don’t ever tell anyone thats your private reward for being awesome.
    From Ric The Real Stooge

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