Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell the Iron Man 2 Villains? Sure, Why Not


Really, these guys?

The latest rumor to explode all over the internet is slightly more believable than the Eddie Murphy/Riddler one from a few weeks ago, and it’s probably more truthful as well. Variety is reporting that Mickey Rourke has signed on to play the lead villain in Iron Man 2, playing a Russian equivalent of Tony Stark who builds a nuclear powered suit, known as Crimson Dynamo in the comics. The Sam Rockwell rumors are less clear, but it appears he’s being approached to fill some other villain role, but the specifics of that are quite vague.

Look at those pictures again. I mean wow.

Yeah, yeah, just kidding. This is more than likely a superb casting decision as both men are great actors, but they sure are goofy looking. And I know it’s from the comic, which I haven’t read, but this Crimson Dynamo kind of seems like the villain of the first movie. Evil billionaire build giant overpowered version of Stark’s sleek suit? Although this one is nuclear powered so you know, there’s that.

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