Meet the Medic Arrives at Last


I’ve never played one second of Team Fortress 2, but now that the entire game is free to play, I’m probably going to at least check it out in the coming month to see how steep the learning curve is.

But just because I don’t play it, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the culture. Valve is a very clever company, and I’ve enjoyed all their “Meet the…” videos they’ve put out about each character over the years. With this latest update, they release their latest character introduction short, “Meet the Medic,” which you can see above.

I seriously think that Adult Swim should jump on this and give the TF2 team their own TV show. As you can see from the style and humor, it’s really suited for it.

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  1. Valve actually stated the Meet The Team videos were a test and pre-cursor to a full length film. Hopefully we will see that in the future. Also, it’s too bad you didn’t jump on the wagon earlier, TF2 used to be a lot better.

  2. Paul, you should seriously start playing tf2. I have spent more time on tf2 than any other multiplayer game. Its a little bit hard to pick up at but its riotously fun.

  3. its not as hard as people say, it might take some getting used to if you are a consul gamer, but it is a lot of fun and will be worth it, if you want to learn how to play the game, then go on youtube and watch some videos

  4. i think i don’t get it..

    why does everyone always say it’s “free to play”? wouldn’t it suffice to say it’s “free”? i thought you could download and play the game for free now.. or was there something like a monthly fee, which is now gone, and therefore people say it’s “free to play”?!

    and: is it free for PC only, or also for XBox?

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