Medal of Honor Needs to Work on Their Ad Placement

Medal of Honor is now out, and with it comes a marketing blitz sweeping through the entire internet. But when MSN caved to those intrusive pop out ads we all hate (we try to avoid those here when we can!), they didn’t quite realize what they were getting.

It’s not good for a game or a website to promote the assassination of babies, as surprisingly, very few groups out there are pro-baby assassination. Please hold all abortion jokes.

The baby looks like he’s accepted his fate, with a hint of sorrow for the life he’ll never lead. Bearded Mercenary guy is unmoved by his plight. But don’t worry, if you leave this ad running, a baby SWAT team rappels down from the address bar and swarms him with tiny fists and feet. This also pretty much describes the difficulty of the Medal of Honor campaign.

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