Medal of Honor Box Art Eerily Similar to Call of Duty’s

Medal of Honor

First of all we’re gonna have to wait until 2010 to actually play the game but at least we don’t have to wait to see the box art.  Well, we kind of saw it already didn’t we?

After months upon months of speculation, Electronic Arts today finally got around to announcing a brand-spankin’-new* Medal of Honor game, entitled simply Medal of Honor. As was rumored, the new MOH will take place in the modern day, specifically modern day Afghanistan, and revolve around the “real events” of T1Ops (or “Tier 1 Operations” for you civies)

I’m not so certain box art is a way to judge a game just like a movie trailer is by no means gonna help us like a movie (it may make us want to see it but as we all know may provide us with a rude awakening when we see the real thing).

I just hope whatever artist did this cover was well aware of the fact that gamers would be picking up on this similarity.  If not, check it out after the jump


Click for full size  (Picture provided by Binge Gamer)

Um, is this not a little weird?  I’d have to say it is.  It’s not identical but it’s pretty damned close.

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