MCU Characters Whose Costumes Got Worse Over Time

Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has come a long way since its Iron Man movie debut in 2003 and it has grown from there, with new characters being added on in various movies and collections of movies. The MCU has broken records with the box office, set new standards for its genre and gaining praise from fans all over the world as new movies are delivered, and with the latest releases.
And they still release new movies, they have just released Black Panther, and they have proven they can do a lot more.

The MCU has also inhabited other cinematic universes to come out and join in and collect the spoils and reap the rewards of having a cinematic universe of their own. The DC Extended Universe which began in 2013 with the Man of Steel is a good example, while a bad example will be the Dark Universe which would have rebooted the classic Universal Monsters and placed them in a more modern setting.
However, this article is about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its mark on the landscape of cinema. None of the movies released has been a failure, and with Black Panther directed by Ryan Coogler being nominated for SIX academy awards, it is a first for a superhero movie.
However, it isn’t all good.

Much as changed with the cinematic universe since it first began. New characters are added all the time, while the old ones change and grow with each new movie. But it isn’t just the characters that have altered along the way. The costumes – those suits (or armor) based on the classic comic drawings. have changed as well. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse… That’s one of the problems for a superhero movie. Copying a comic book character’s costume and putting it into the real world for an actor to wear is not an easy process, and MCU costumes are lucky to get off the drawing board. The MCU has done a good job while making the costumes they design work in a setting where it will see a lot of movement and action.
But sometimes their evolutions do not go well.


It is fitting a villain starts this list off. The mad titan made his appearance at the very end of Avengers: Infinity War. His arrival proved to be worth it, and fans were delighted by his presence at last in the movies since he is one of the greatest villains. The fans just didn’t like his armor design. In Infinity War, he only briefly wore his armor and helmet, which would have made him appear more sinister.


Compared to other superhero TV programs, Marvel’s Daredevil series is considered to be up to a new standard, something the fans and critics agree upon, and have done many times. Unfortunately, while the writing receives well deserved praise, one thing is wrong with Daredevil; the costume the character of Matt Murdock wears. Many people have agreed the simpler, home-made black costume that consisted of just a long-sleeved shirt with a matching black face-mask. All that changed as Daredevil’s costume changed into the traditional look for the Man with No Fear. To many people, the costume needs to change because, compared to the street-level heroes like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones who don’t wear clothes, it makes them look more normal compared to Matt Murdock. Many people think the pointy ears of the costume make him look ridiculous, and many people would like to see the costume return to what it was before.

War Machine

Aside from the brief difference as the more colorful Iron Patriot seen in Iron Man 3, War Machine’s traditional armored look has not altered from the same silver/grey look seen since the second Iron Man movie. Many people want the armor to change because while Iron Man’s armor has evolved, War Machine’s armor has barely changed in eight movies. It badly needs a change. Tony Stark has been designing new armors for himself, and for other characters such as Spider-Man, and yet War Machine has not changed. In Infinity War, the armor suffered a great deal from issues relating to CGI. If you see him in a poster, with his head protruding from the armor, you would realize something was not quite right.

Scarlet Witch

Although she doesn’t really need a costume herself, she only needs to wear red and black clothes – in Infinity War, Scarlet Witch wore a long red leather jacket, though compared to other superheroes, it wasn’t exactly her classic comic book look and maybe in the future she will get an MCU costume. The main problem with Scarlet Witch has without a costume is she has no real appeal as a character. She isn’t really mentioned in conversations in the movies. In action she is just there, wearing clothes ordinary people would probably wear.

Black Widow

From movie to movie, Black Widows’ appearance has changed. In her first movie, Black Widow more appeared to be her comic character. In Avengers: Infinity War, her character sported blonde instead of red, and her costume became something someone in the Navy SEALs would wear. In a previous movie, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Black Widow wore a black catsuit that closely matched the comics. The next change altered that, but hopefully, in the next Avengers movie, the character will have a costume more reminiscent to previous designs. It could be because the movie setting means different criteria for what Black Widow wears, which would make sense, so let us hope the next movie features a Black Widow wearing a costume more closely linked to the comics.

Iron Man

Of all MCU costumes, Tony Stark’s iconic armored suit has retained its comic book appearance over the movies, remaining consistent, but like everything else, it has changed. The problem is in Infinity Wars, the armor may have looked great and appealing in the comics. In the movies, it wasn’t. The armor seen in Infinity Wars was not the worst of the Iron Man costumes. The one everyone saw in Spider-Man: Homecoming was the worse.

In the past, the Iron Man armors had looked amazing, as befitted the character. The previous incarnations resembled armor, but the new one looks more like a sleek and fitted. Tony Stark is an exceptional engineer and each of his suits looks brilliant, but this one looks and feels like an overpowered action toy.

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