Can ‘Mass: We Pray’ Possibly be Real?


I’m 98% ready to write Mass: We Pray off as yet another Wii Parody video, albiet a very good one. But I do have to pause for two seconds as there is actually a company attached to the game called Prayer Works International. This is also likely fake, but it makes me think that maybe, maybe I could actually play this one day. And it would be AWESOME.

Growing up Presbyterian, I missed out on all the fun ridiculous ceremonies of the Catholic Church like lighting candles and swingning urns of incense around, but now thanks to the Wii, I can participate like I’m actually there and filled with shame!

But if it’s fake, I’ll just leave my Wii collecting dust next to my decidedly dust-free Xbox. Wake me up when Mario Galaxy 2 comes out.

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  1. Lots and lots of hype and marketing for this game…I, for one, think it’s going to be pretty awesome. Just the “Lust” level alone should make it worth playing.

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