Mario vs. The World

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This rather cool composite features poor little Mario against, I believe, every 8-bit enemy he’s ever faced. Sure, there are familiar faces, Goombas, Koopas, Shy Guys and the like, but there are a lot I can barely pull out of my memory. Three headed snake? Mouse with sunglasses? Giant screaming falcon with dislocated jaw?

This also goes to show you how truly cracked out Mario games are. How the hell do you come up with ANY of this shit? For as genius as Miyamoto is, a lot of this seems like throwing darts at a wall, while tripping on a whole bunch of shrooms.

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  1. Yup all those ‘unknown’ characters are in Mario 2 (NES). The game they shoved the Mario characters into that was actually a completely different game in Japan. The real SMB 2 was too hard for us US players. I bought it for the wii virtual console (lost levels) – yea its really hard.

  2. Yeah, I played a lot of Mario 2 in my younger days – I believe the three-headed snake was (fittingly) the Hydra. Don’t remember the names of the other two. But I do see Birdo!

  3. yes, all these “unknowns” stated by the author are from mario bros 2. how old are you Paul Tassi and did you actually play any of these games at release, or are you just going by what you dad or uncle told you.

  4. @OldMaN: I think I remember Paul remarking about how he was 12 or something when The Phantom Menace came out, so he’s totally missed out on the 80’s and early 90’s, at least, when those years and media originally happened.

    What a difference 10 years can make.

    ** SMB2 SPOILER **

    Also, I did like Super Mario Bros 2 (aka Doku Doku Panic), except for the whole, “It was a dream” ending. ie: Super Mario Bros 2 isn’t exactly canon. If there is a SMB canon, that is.

  5. @PatentlyAbsurd that’s not a good excuse at all, my brother had 9 years old when The Phantom Menace came out and he knows those characters very well. Awful Fail from Paul Tassi.

  6. Fun fact for everyone. I wasn’t allowed to have a video game console in my house until I was like 13, so N64 was my first system, hence why I don’t know a lot of this stuff. Apologies I guess? But trust me, 13 year old Paul wasn’t happy about it either.

  7. I may need to turn in my nerd card after this, but as I recall the falcon with the dislocated jaw wasn’t an enemy, it was the door you entered when you finished a level. I haven’t played it in a long time (the dream ending pissed me off, and I denounced it) so you may have to fight it at some point.

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