Lyz Brickley Knows How to Cosplay


We need to get Lyz Brickley to the top of the Cosplay world.  Lyz is known as a costumer and gamer and if it weren’t for a demon hunter picture (1st picture below) that I saw floating around today I’d have never heard of her.  I’m glad I did.   I unfortunately can’t find much information about her (even on her website) but she’s picking up a nice following on Facebook and Instagram (over 150K fans/followers on each).  Her Youtube page is pretty small (8K subscribers) but her videos are solid quality and I think she should do more.

In any event, her skills are solid and she’s got a great variety of costumes ranging from Elf World of Warcraft get ups to video game body armor shots that look like they’re straight out of the console.  Curious to see what her next surprise might be.

In the meantime, I’ve put together a gallery of some of her best work.











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