Living in the Future: We Invented Actual Holograms


Today’s segment of “living in the future,” where I detail notable tech advances that are straight out of science fiction, focuses on the recent breakthrough in hologram technology.

The new tech (from Japan, obviously) allows a three dimensional holographic image to be displayed WITHOUT the use of any sort of screen. Rather, it’s all lasers that are lit up on different points of the light beam to create an image. Something about ions. I don’t know, watch the video.

But yeah, it’s easy to see that we could be seeing mainstream use of this in ten or twenty years when all the kinks are worked out. And that, my friends, makes me feel like we’re living in the future.

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  1. they said there the first to not be constricted by a screen but there were 2 other ones before i know of 1 reflected light off fog and the other was a box thing i cant remember but made 3d shapes like faces but this one was the more impressive one by far.

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