Living in the Future: Creepy Android Edition


Usually in this segment, I feature something super cool like a motorized exoskeleton or a touchable hologram, but today I have a bit of technological progress that’s far more creepy than anything else.

Yes robots are currently building our cars and vacuuming our floors, but when are we going to get to the point where they look like humans and rise up and try to take over the world?

Well, it seems that with the Geminoid DK, that time might not be too far off. He’s one of the most realistic looking androids I’ve ever seen, and it’s a miracle he’s not a hot Asian girl as I thought it was standard procedure to make all humanoid robots and holograms in that style. Watch a video of him making “emotion” faces above, and below check out his disturbing attempt to smile for the first time below.

[via WonderHowTo]


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