PS3’s Little Big Planet Ads Leave me Puzzled

Little Big Planet

Playstation definitely does a lot of weird stuff and I must say that Little Big Planet is no exception.  Um, can someone explain this to me?  I mean I understand what it is. It’s a “unique platform adventure game with a huge social community, which enables players to, play, create and share with others.”

OK, that’s cool and all but what the hell are these characters that look like sock puppets?  Who are they exactly trying to market to?  Kids?  Adults?  I’m still having trouble with this.  Maybe I’m just an idiot but I feel like this is one of those things where I’m like “what does this mean?”

And their ads.  What is this?  I think I just wasted 15 minutes of my life…

Little Big Planet

This one is fine because there’s a hot chick in it.  But honestly what does it mean?

Little Big Planet

Hippies?  Um, OK.

Little Big Planet

I mean I like the expression on the guy’s face but I still don’t get what this is for.

Little Big Planet


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  1. Little Big Planet is actually a really fun game with unlimited replay value. Sackboy is just a blank canvas that you can dress and make up however you want, mine looks like Borat. The main story mode is sort of childish but building your own levels can be pretty complicated and time consuming (in a good way). So I would say it is truly a game meant for everyone.

  2. The online community for LBP is absolutely insane. I’ve played user-created levels that range from a recreation of Super Mario brothers to The Matrix.

    Play it as soon as you can.

    Oh and I think the ads are just random pieces from the game mixed with goofy looking people. I’ve played the game and they dont entirely make sense…

  3. Well I don’t think it’s too hard to realize that the whole “express yourself” campaign is a way to tell users to express themselves through the creation of different content in LBP. This game has utterly unlimited replay value and, in my opinion, is a model for user created/downloadable content. The purpose is always relatively narrow, but the options to customize are limitless.

    I know it may look strange, but you have to give LBP a chance. I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

  4. LBP is a game for everyone, I bought it for my friend for christmas and she squeals in delight whenever its mentioned, as everyone above has said, its good fun especially playing though other people’s created worlds ^^.

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