Lilo + Stitch

To help fill your adorableness quotient for the week, here’s a picture of real life Lilo and Stitch. Well, one of them is real at least, and the other is as real as we’re going to get without some serious experiments in genetic engineering.

Somehow, some way, this is one of the only Disney cartoons I never got around to seeing. Not for any particular reason, I guess it was just during the time when I thought I was too cool for Disney movies for a year before I started watching them again. They really are for all ages, and I’m still loving them as recently as Tangled. Made for little girls sure, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t love it.

Well, time to go see if this is “locked in the Disney vault,” forcing me to pirate it instead. Why the hell did they do that anyway? I never understood.¬†Artificially¬†create demand I guess. OH SHIT THEY”RE NEVER GOING TO SELL BAMBI AGAIN!

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  1. Stop what your doing and go watch “Lilo and Stitch”, last great animated Disney movie in my opinion. VERY great story. Very cute picture =D Excellent work Paul.

  2. Why do they do that? It’s all part of the mouse’s plan for global domination. By selling each title of their library for only approximately 3 years out of every decade, people who are newly entred into the grandparent age bracket start snapping up every last one they can, even if they don’t have grandkids yet, because they know that by the time they do, a particular title may have been put back in the vault.

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