Lego Battlecruiser Should Really Be Part of a Set


Come on, look at that thing! It’s awesome! And it’s even got mini Mutalisks to go along with it.

Blizzard really needs to license a Lego Starcraft set full of kits like this. The artist here, Jerac, used pieces from all over the Lego kingdom to assemble this behemoth with is 80 stud long and 60 stud wide! Is that big? I don’t know what that means. Is “stud” some secret part of the metric system I don’t know about?

Check out Jerac’s Flickr page for more pictures of the cruise. Build more man! I want to see a Carrier next.

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  1. A stud is essentially a 1×1 Lego block, or 1 of the raised circles on a square base. 1 stud is slightly under a centimeter (7.88mm) square, so 80 studs long is about 79 centimeters. Generally, a Lego creation of 100 studs long, or about 3 ft, is called a SHIP, an acronym for Seriously Huge Investment in Parts. For more info on Lego SHIPs, see this:, and this Flickr site:

  2. I like sci-fi Legos. I’ve been gifted and built the Millenium Falcon and the AT-AT. Falcon is about 1.5 feet long by maybe 1.2 wide. AT-AT is around 2 feet high and 2.2 long. They are both approx. 1000 piece sets. Takes hours and hours to build.

    So the Battlecruiser is a decent size. But if you’re really insane, go for the Death Star at over 3000 pieces.

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