Know Your Famous Gingers

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Yes, Eric Cartman may have demonized them to the point where that’s all we remember when we hear the word “Ginger,” but someone made this rather cool image showcasing some of the world’s cooler gingers. I’m not sure Ronald McDonald really counts, and I’m not sure which founding father they’re talking about, but wouldn’t that have been a wig?

Who do you think is missing here? I’ve got to go with Miss Christina Hendricks, our favorite Mad Men secretary, but outside of her, my mind is drawing a blank at the present time.  Who else do you have?

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  1. I believe the founding father they are referring to is Jefferson. Or possibly Washington.

    And I have to point out, a) Carrot Top is terrible; and b) he looks dramatically undersized here.

  2. Ron Weasley, Chuck Norris, David Caruso, Chucky
    Lucille Ball, Carrot Top, Conan O’Brian, Orangutan
    Ronald McDonald, Shaun White, Molly Ringwald, Thomas Jefferson

  3. What about the the Island Cast Away, Tina Louise? A red head who played a character named Ginger. If you’re going to throw Chucky on the list, then let’s go way back, How about Howdy Doody?

  4. There were some definite omissions that should be rectified in the Gingers II t-shirt! Shirley Manson of Garbage, Gillian Anderson as the pragmatic FBI detective Dana Scully, then of course Tina Louise as Ginger, Wilma Flintstone, and perhaps Nadja Paullen from Coal Chamber. She’s a hot Ginger Rocktress!

  5. They forgot Annie! and Ms. Frizzle!!!! The random nerd references are not universally known so they obviously don’t make the cut (Felicia Day and Amy Pond). There are plenty of famous redheads not listed (as I pointed out some legitimate ones). Ron Howard and Ginger from Gilligan’s Island are two actually good suggestions on this board. Being a ginger myself, it annoys me when people identify people who dyed their hair to red for some role as being “ginger” (aka Christina Hendricks) so there.

  6. They forgot about Napoleon, Lenin, Churchill, James Joyce and Van Gogh. You could probably count Malcolm X and Cleopatra too for there “red twinge”. There is actually a suspicious number of iconic gingers throughout history, could it be a conspiracy (probably not) or some kind character trait of red heads which makes them more destined for greatest, who knows?

  7. Debra Messing (from Will & Grace), definitely. But there’s many more… Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, James Joyce, Vincent Van Gogh and Napoleon were all redheads.

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