Kim Jong-Il, Pokemon Master

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Yeah, yeah, just skip all your “OMG MORE POKEMON STFU” comments and just bask in the ridiculousness that is this image. I don’t seek out these things, they just find me, and I will argue with anyone who will tell me this wasn’t worth posting.

“Dear Leader” as they call him has portraits like this all over North Korea. Well, not like this, but similarly posed with less Pokemon, portraying him as some sort of military genius. It stands to reason that he would also view himself as the greatest Pokemon master of all time, and I love his Pikachu warheads and nuclear explosions.

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  1. Kim Jong-Il: Great Leader and Supreme Pokemon Master [so obtaining the gym leader badges, all eight at once, by his good will and great perseverance to instill the power of a nation into the hearts of its people with a team of Mudkip, Psyduck and Magikarp for the glory of the People Democracy against the imperialist devils of America and the traitorous cowards of Japan.]

  2. Hilarious pic! For those curious, I’m guessing it’s a Japanese political satire comic, responding to Kim’s obsession with missiles, not to mention firing test missiles near/over korea/japan. The text on the bottom left reads “Rocket Monster Gold” (as opposed to the real-life “Pocket Monster”). The blue text bubble under the pikachu missles read: “Pika-don”.

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