A Look Into This Kid’s Future


This is just all kinds of wrong.  I’m not sure whhat I can start with so I guess I’ll have to bullet point it out here.

A. The Braces. I know it’s out of this poor boy’s control but when you have braces it has to be a rule to never, ever make that kind of face.
B. The Game – Of all the games in the world you get a PS2 Bullet Proof?
C. Obviously it’s not his fault. His parents or someone else bought him this game.
D. What if it is his fault? Like, what if he did request Bullet Proof”

Which leads to E.

If this kid did choose this game and actually made this face because he’s psyched to play it, then there’s absolutely no reason he won’t be playing Bullet Proof 20 and making the same face on his 30th birthday.

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  1. F. WTF kind of shirt is that.

    This kids a future adult with a list of people to kill from his childhood and/or already has a list of people he’s killed/maimed while growing up. This game just adds to his menacing murder techniques.

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