Kick-Ass Trailer is Kic…Well, You Know


If you didn’t know any better, you might think that Kick Ass is a lame superhero parody in the vein of the horrific Superhero Movie. I mean, even with the semi-full-length trailer, I could see how you might get that idea.

But no, it’s based on a real live comic, and is supposed to be quite badass indeed. A gang of superpowerless people get tired of real life superheroes not existing, and they take it upon themselves to fill the void. There’s the titular Kick Ass, who fights with hard sticks, there’s the villain, the Red Mist, played by McLovin, and there’s prepubescent assassin Hit Girl, who looks to execute some of the sickest moves in the film.

Now that this thing has finally found a distributor, I don’t have to sit around wondering IF I get to see it. The only question now is WHEN. And the answer to that, is April.

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