Kick Ass Hit Girl Shot is Taking a Few Liberties


Empire has this new shot of child assassin, Hit Girl, from the new Kick Ass adaptation. Yes, she looks like Britney Spears in that video, but the thing is, she’s 12, not 16, so by looking at this picture for more than two seconds you’ve already violated some sort of law if you reside in Utah or Maine.

What’s the most weird about this is that Hit Girl doesn’t even look like this, she looks like this:


Sooo, director Matthew Vaughun thought it’d be cool to sexify up a 12 year-old? All the other Kick Ass costumes have been exceptionally true to form, so why start messing around with this one?

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  2. There are a lot more publicity shots released now which show that Hit Girl is indeed costumed up to the max like the rest of them.

    Millar’s Hit Girl is a lot more mature than 12, it’s like Natalie Portman in Leon. Her opening line in the comic is “okay you cunts, let’s see what you can do.”

    All the costumes are kickass. heh.

  3. Hit Girl only wears that outfit for one scene. Also, in the movie it’s done for the purposes of looking sweet and innocent, not sexual. I really do wish people would do some research before they write things that make them look fools. I’m talking to you, Mr. Tassi.

    PS- If you see sexuality in a 12 year old wearing a schoolgirl outfit, perhaps Chris Hansen needs to tell you to have a seat over there.

    Also, shame on EMPIRE for being misleading.

  4. I agree with J-dub. She was just tryin to look innocent in the scene. throughout the movie shes in pjs or in pants or jeans nothing sexual. And she does wear the costume when shes doing these insane killin scenes. I think they did good on hit girl.

  5. you asswhipes are so fucking fnny lol


    watch the fuckin movie, she looks like a normal girl in a 5 minute shot, the rest is like the comic..

    americans.. what a laugh

  6. Chloe Moretz, born 1997 (

    Just emerge from your protected bubble for a second.

    For all we know, and I bet my entire salary on it, she has more brains then most of you who post in here, COMBINED.

    I really really love it, a lot.
    It goes against so much weird overprotective bs in this so called modern world.
    It also goes against pretty much everything seen in movies in a long time. Loving it !!

    She will be one hell of actress if she keeps this up.

    Only the scared, religious and people with something to hide would turn her looks into something sexist. (not to offend anybody with my generalization really…)

    And on top all, she is in hollywood for crying out loud!
    starred on dirty sexy money and even horror movies. So again with brains, think she knows what she’s doing?

    Just Fuck off with the hypocrisy already.

    oh and you are probably swearing all over the school systems in the entire world who emphasize this kind of outfits, right?

    Didn’t see that coming did you?

    (answers will be notifed trough mail if anyone would like to comment)

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