Memorable Moments in Movies: The Keyser Soze Discovery


Obviously we’re talking MAJOR spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the movie The Usual Suspects.  But the reason I put up this scene is that I think this movie started a nice little wave of “surprise endings” in film.  Sure there are plenty of mysteries out there but I’m willing to bet that before 1995 you weren’t hearing too many people talk about movies where they said “there’s no way you figured out that ending!”

And after 1995?  There were definitely some movies that tried the same “surprises” that could only be found after watching the entire movie.   One that comes to mind is Fight Club.  Another would be Along Came a Spider.  Hell even The Sixth Sense probably counts right?

In any event, in this scene Verbal Kint is not who he says he is. When Dave Kujan discovers that he’s been making up his whole story with elements from his office he just can’t believe it.   Meanwhile Verbal Kint just disappears.  And just like that….he’s gone.

The point I’m making is that I don’t recall any movies of this caliber and difficulty in figuring out prior to 1995.  At least in my own generation of films which I would argue started in about 1985.

Anyway, this scene absolutely rocks.


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