Josh Schwartz Writing, Not Directing X-Men: First Class


I’m not sure why, but all this time I was under the impression that X-Men: First Class was going to be a TV show, not a movie. Well it turns out I’m crazy, although a TV scribe is writing the flick. It’s Josh Schwartz of Gossip Girl, Chuck and O.C. fame, and I do think he could have made it into a damn good show.

But oh well, it’s a movie, and though Schwartz was rumored to be making his directorial debut, it seems that’s not the case:

“No, that’s not true,” Schwartz told MTV News when asked if he passed on directing “X-Men: First Class,” as some rumors suggested. “But I would be terrified to have the first thing I direct be a giant franchise movie.”

Yeah there’s a difference between writing and directing. Schwartz directing an X-Men movie would probably be something like, “Um, make that big guy fight those two little guys over there. Have this guy shoot a laser beam. Uh, yeah that looks good.”

And as for the actual film? It was supposed to NOT be about the actual original class (seen above), and instead was supposed to follow the new younguns like Kitty Pride and and Rogue and Colossus and all that.

“The ‘Dark Phoenix’ storyline is probably the high point of the comics’ storytelling,” said Schwartz when asked about some of his favorite X-Men stories. “But they did that. So we’ll find more fertile soil somewhere else.”

“I’m not really allowed to say anything,” he added. “They’re watching me as we speak. It’s exciting, it’s a huge honor and we’re just getting started.”

I bet they will focus on the original class, I mean the damn project is called X-Men: First Class after all. Now who would play a young version of who? Sounds like another article to me…

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