James Cameron Does an Underwater Interview for Sanctum – Also, Win Stuff

I didn’t think James Cameron would be one for publicity stunts like this, but to promote Sanctum I guess joining Twitter just wasn’t enough. Now he’s also doing an underwater interview with iJustine, a preview of which you can see above. I’m not quite sure who thought of this, but it’s certainly attention grabbing, I’ll give it that, and Cameron’s a good sport about it. To see the whole thing live, go to Virgin Mobile’s Facebook page.

But wait, there’s more! Because we’re so awesome, Virgin has given us a $25 Fandango gift card to give away for the best answer to this this question:

If you were trapped in a cave and had to make one phone call, who would it be to?

Easy enough. I’ll pick my favorite answer, contact you via e-mail, and get it sent over.

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  1. Liam Neeson. Because if I’m going to die alone in a cave, nothing would be more rewarding that Aslan’s calming voice talking to me in my last few moments

  2. I’d call Gabe Newell and ask what the real plan is for Half Life Episode 3, asking when it is set to finally come out and what they intend to do with the story.

  3. 07700 900461
    The Doctor.
    Because not only would he save me, he would do it in an entertaining way and have a hot girl with him. And afterwards, he would take me to the year 2015, and I could find out if they really have hoverboards then.

  4. I’d call Paul Tassi and explain to him that the cave I’m trapped in is filled with Pokemon and Star Wars memorabilia. He would proceed to grab some makeshift pokeballs and spelunking equipment and meet me down in the cave.

  5. considering you would have to know the number to the person you’re calling, most of these answers should be invalidated…

    as a logical person, before going into a cave, i would make sure to have the phone number for the National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC) in my area.

    that’s who i would call… any other answer is ridiculous.

  6. I would call your girlfriend and tell her that you secretly love The Cape and that you confided in me that you secretly want her to dress up as the Cape for some freaking cosplay action. I would ask her to do this for you because my last wish is for you to be happy since I’m going to die. You would be unable to tell your girlfriend no because your a nice guy and wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings. Then I will forever be remember as the douche made you enjoy the Cape at least once.

  7. My boyfriend, I’d let him know how much I love him, then I’d give him my WoW password so that he can transfer all of my gold to his toons and ceremoniously close my account.


    I was going to not use it because someone did already but apparently they would call “goats busters” (some sort of bestiality sex line?), so never mind.

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