I’ve Never Heard of “Outlander,” But I Sure as Hell Want the Poster


This is a movie about Jim Cavaziel crashing on Earth in a spaceship. But Earth is run by Vikings. And Jim brings the Cloverfield monster with him. And he uses Viking weaponry and future technology to kill it. What. The. ****.

I’ve no idea where this movie came from or how I’ve never heard of it until today, which is ten days from it’s release in theaters, but it sounds like the kind of thing that turns into a cult classic on DVD. Or just goes into a bin somewhere and whenever anyone looks at it they say, “when the hell did that come out?”

Why do movies about Vikings always suck (*cough* Pathfinder). Someone get Ridley Scott up in here to make a good Viking movie.

Trailer after the jump:


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  1. Grace February 16, 2009

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