I’ve Been Waiting 10 Years to Write This Headline: The ‘Boondock Saints 2’ Trailer is Here


This is an epic day for fans of cult classic shoot-em-up The Boondock Saints. A sequel seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream, despite having its own IMDB page for the better part of 10 years, and no one believed it would actually get made. Well guess what? It got made, and as proof, here’s the trailer for All Saints Day above.

How does it looks? Exactly like the first one, except there’s no Willem Dafoe and I have a hard time believing that’s actually Sean Patrick Flannery. I’ve no idea if this will be remotely good whatsoever, but at this point, it doesn’t matter. If there’s slow motion bullet fights and Irish accents and tattoos, that’s really all we ever wanted.

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  1. It looks just like the first one.

    I know I’m going to get torn up for saying this – and trust me, I *like* Boondock Saints – but Jesus is that movie overrated.

  2. It would have happened sooner if Troy Duffy hadn’t been so stuck up. He really thought that he deserved all kinds of fame and fortune before ever having made a movie. Of course, I’m going off of a documentary, which likely skewed facts enough to tell a story, but there is no denying some of the dick statements the guy made right on camera.

    That being said, I really loved the first movie, and I could handle more of the same. If it manages to do something original, all the better.

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