Is That the Droid You’re Looking For?


I’ve seen some excellent college pranks in my day, but I don’t think there are any that compare to the magnitude of this giant R2-D2. The students of Carleton College refitting their observatory to look like the chirping robot, and below you’ll find more photos along with a video. Yes, they also have sound effects.

I’ve never heard of Carleton College, but I’m pretty sure they should be using this in their promotional video to get kids to come here. Does YOUR college have a giant droid for one of its buildings? I think not.

Check out the other photos and video after the jump:




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  1. That is my alma mater; let me just say that while the scale of this project is pretty exceptional, this sort of geekery isn’t unusual. There’s even an interest house devoted to Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Carleton is pretty much amazing.

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