I’m Probably Way Too Excited for This Borderlands Teaser Trailer


Yes, this trailer may be about thirty seconds long and show exactly zero gameplay, but whatever, Borderlands remains one of my favorite games thanks to it’s great gameplay, loot drops and the best co-op campaign possibly ever in a video game.

I thought they spent too much time on DLC when they should have just been making a new game, but now it is finally on deck at last, and will hit sometime next year.

All we know from this trailer is that there will be new characters (ALL new characters? I miss my falcon already), and you can probably dual wield weapons. Or at least this guy can. Maybe that’s his special power. Note the use of what appears to be a hubcap subbing in for a proper magazine in one of his assault rifles.

Anyway, can’t wait for this, and I want to see more from it. A year is way too far away.

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  1. THE biggest mistake (with regards to video games) was trading in Borderlands (which I loved a ton) for Modern Warfare 2 (which I hated a shit ton) because it had a high re-sale value and I was low on funds. I get super OCD with game that have any sort of RPG elements so this game was perfect for me, with all of the looting and quest-whoring.

    I haven’t even re-bought it yet because of my gaming backlog, and I hate myself, bt I’m really looking forward to BL 2.

  2. I played through Borderlands by myself on PC before finally convincing a friend to buy the Goatee edition through Steam during a Christmas sale. We have not got to the DLC part of the game yet.
    The one trailer that really surprised me today was the Battlefield 3 one at Gamescon. I even downloaded the trailer to watch it at a better than youtube framerate. If you want to see something breathtaking, expand and 1080p this thing:

  3. While I enjoyed Borderlands, overall it’s ‘just’ a good game. But of course everyone has different tastes and is entitled to his opinion. If you are looking for a game to fill the gap, maybe take a look at Rage. Same setting, minus the rpg elements, but as I understand it there will be exploration and side-quests.

    I was about to post the same link 🙂

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