I’m Commander Shepard, and You are My Favorite Woman on this Website

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If you’ve ever tried online dating, you know that it’s something of a minefield. Talking to someone online could lead to happiness or disaster, and often you don’t quite know what to say to get them to actually want to speak to you further or hang out.

In that sense, the Mass Effect dialogue wheel is exceptionally appropriate here. Is she the kind who swoons over gushy nice guys, or loves a man who takes charge and says what’s really on his mind? Or you could choose the path that rewards you the least in the game, being somewhere in the middle and acting like a normal human being.

Seriously, just once I would like to play through a Mass Effect game without being a whiny pussy or a complete dick. Pussy does not equal noble hero, dick does not equal badass, and even though I love the game, that’s something the writing staff needs to work on.

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  1. They’ll probably add a third option, similar to the “Humorous” one in Dragon Age 2. The fun thing is that Hawk in that game always came off as “that” guy/gal, you know, the one who always throws a joke at the worst moment imaginable.

  2. Paul you need to hear this:


    It’s a fan song about the awesomness of Commander Shepard. I don’t remember you putting it here before. I read somewhere that Bioware was so impressed by the song that they played it constantly on their panel at comic-con.

    Seriously, i could easily dance on that song in the club.

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