“I’m Commander Shepard, and This is My Favorite Magazine in the Citadel”


Is that? No, it couldn’t be…

Hah, yeah it is. But I had you creeped out for second didn’t I?  This is Mark Vanderloo, the male model who is the default Commander Shepard is based on, though no, he doesn’t provide the voice. Vanderloo is the main model dude for Hugo Boss, and really should petition to get himself cast in the upcoming Mass Effect movie before Matt Fox jumps in to the lead role.

I mean, who knows if he can act, but you can’t beat that bone structure! That’s the kind of face you wouldn’t even dare to put a helmet on in space because it’s just that damn pretty. No wonder default Shepard gets all the humans, Asari and Quarians. This Shepard on the other hand, doesn’t have nearly as much game.

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  1. I was actually just watching Chuck on Blu-ray for the first time while drooling over Yvonne Strahovski who did a great job with Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect 2 and was wondering at the same time if Shepard was actually based on a real person…..question answered, thanks.

    Wow, that was horrible sentence structure on my part ^

  2. I’d steal this guy’s face(face off style) and walk around for a week and see what life’s like for those pretty boys although he does have a pretty butch look!(and I meant all that in the most heterosexual way possible)

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