I’ll Be in My Bunk

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Behold, one of the greatest pictures the internet has ever known. There’s nothing I love more than Firefly and hot girls, and the internet has come forth to answer my prayers with a combination of the two that is simply breathtaking.

The girls were cute on the show, sure, but give them an hour with a professional stylist, make-up artist and photographer, and you get this stunning picture above. If anyone has an idea of why exactly this picture was taken, and if there are more in the series, I will award you 10,000 internet points for pointing me in that direction. It looks to be after the show wrapped, judging by Morena Bacarin’s haircut, so that might be a lead.

But yeah, amazing stuff. Hotness aside, I really do miss this show.

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  1. Old picture is old, but yes, they are very very beautiful. Joss has a knack for casting insanely hot women in his shows. Personally, I always had a thing for Kaylee. Sucks this show didn’t get the chance it obviously deserved.

  2. I doubt they are coming out with a new season bro, would be sweller than sarah michelle gellar though (not that I ever found her that swell).

    At least we got serenity. I wouldn’t mind another movie.

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