If We Had DLC a Decade Ago


I grow tired of the endless amounts of DLC constantly streaming onto Xbox Live every other day. For example, I complained that Borderlands was too short. This can be fixed by two DLC bundles which have been released, but they cost $20 or $30 for something that just should have been in the game in the first place.

Some clever gamer decided to take a look at how ridiculous DLC sounds when you apply it to classic games from around ten years ago. Can you imagine a map pack for Goldeneye? Or paying extra for Na’vi the Fairy? Actually, I would probably pay a hefty sum to have her NOT in that game. I can Z target on my own without you bitching in my ear all the time!

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  1. If Goldeneye didn’t come with “The Stack” (was it the stack?), and I had to pay more for it, chances are I wouldn’t have dedicated my childhood to ‘no ducking, no oddjob, one hit kills’.

  2. Speaking of DLC, why does MW2 keep releasing old maps from Cod4? I liked some of them, but I dont really want to pay to play them again, if I did want to play them again, I’d just pop in CoD4… I guess on the new set of maps coming out they’re bringing back 2 more maps from CoD4, hopefully they’re ot camp maps, but seeing as it’s CoD, chances are they will be and if not people will turn them into campfests.

    Modern Campfare is fun but bugs the hell out of me sometimes.

  3. The DLC for Modern Glitchfare is beyond absurd. 15 bucks for a couple of new maps and a bunch of maps you were tired of a year ago? Yeah, I’m gonna pass and go play the Reach beta.

  4. @Velovan

    I kind of benefitted from one of the weirdest glitches so I cant complain too much, now that I have all the stuff I needed to try & unlock & I’m ranked in the top 10,000 even though I’m only at my first prestige…

    But other then that, yeah! Fuck glitches!

    …..I’ll probably buy the maps anyway.

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