If Movies Had Preorder DLC

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If you’re like me, you’re getting just a bit sick of every game that’s released having a huge chunk of content cleaved out and sprinkled across a bunch of different retailers as “preorder bonuses,” so much so that you literally have to be missing content unless you order four or five copies of the game.

This picture imagines what that theory would look like if you translated it to movies. Different scenes and clips for different theaters, and there’s no way you can see them all unless you want to play triple.

I suppose movies had other ways to bilk us out of cash like lackluster 3D and IMAX, but the principle is there, and this is essentially what game companies are doing. I remember when the only way to unlock “bonus” content was to beat the game on higher difficulties or discover easter eggs. Now get off my lawn.

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  1. In a way its already being done. Some movies such as Priest and Drive Angry are only shown in 3D (does anyone actually like these?) in certain areas. I live in a major college town and the only way to see some movies in 2D is to drive an hour to a small town that does not show any 3D movies. Makes you wonder how this impacts the movies performance at the theaters.

  2. It’s really not that bad. It’s just the OCD gamer inside you kicking in. Most of the time the pre-order DLC is stuff that really doesn’t matter to the core gameplay experience itself, and often becomes available after launch anyway. No need to buy four reserved copies. Wait two months and pay 2 dollars for that extra gun or vehicle. You’ve been conditioned to want it all from playing so many games where all you do is collect and grab for everything not bolted down. Once you have the game and get into it though, the fact that you’re missing one of Batman’s alternate costumes to play in the Challenge Rooms (which is like what 10% of the game experience) isn’t really going to come up as a big deal.

  3. I remember pre-order stuff was really cool like the Pre-order for WC3, TFT, and Brood War were action figures. I still have my “Warpig” marine and dreadlord in my closet back home.

    Now, though, it’s just withheld game content, plain and simple. Only reason I pre-ordered Deus Ex was the 5$ off on Steam, sucks that I probably miss out on something because I didn’t go to a brick and mortar, and won’t be willing to cough up more by the time it’s released for everyone. I’ll probably be done with the game by then.

  4. Now I’m sad because I know a World War Hulk movie is probably never going to happen. Even though it would be a great change of pace for superhero movies and show that the medium has more to offer than simply good guy versus bad guy. Hell, a Civil War movie could do that too.

  5. Didn’t X-Men Origins Wolverine do that?? It got leaked out early so different theatres were playing 3 different easter egg endngs..stupid. I saw the movie twice at theatres, one at the expensive ass movies and one at the dollar movies and I said screw it and went home to look for them online.

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