Now THAT’S an O.G.


“Sometimes I get illy, cock back the nine-milli
I choose not to bust, smack your punk-ass silly
Just bought a crib, it cost two-point-five milli
Swimming pool in my livin’ room, I guess I’ma willy
I don’t get high, so I don’t split the phillies
Niggas say they gonna kill me and I say: “Oh really?”
Hit my Kawazakie I pull off on a willy
This is straight-lace pimpin’, I know you hoes feel me
I come through – make your whole club petrol
You might as well let go, I blast, make the whole cub echo
You don’t really wannna test an L.A. vet though
Most of my crews’ on Death Row – the REAL!!
Quick with the trigger, nice with the steel
Step into the kill zone caps get peeled
You WHACK!! you lookin’ for a record deal
Bow down, on second thought punk bitch kneel”

– Ice-T, Don’t Hate the Playa

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  1. Man, the guy has it all. Collector’s edition of MW2, Nightvision goggles, and to top it all off
    He’s got my twelve gauge sawed off.
    He’s got my headlights turned off.
    He’s ’bout to bust some shots off.
    He’s ’bout to dust some cops off.

    10-1 says he blasts cop killer when doing infamous the Airport mission.

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