I Think I’m the Only One Excited for the Tin Tin Movie


I think that’s most people’s reaction to Tin Tin.

When you hear “comic book adaptation” the first thing that jumps to mind probably isn’t a balding Belgian reporter and his white dog, which is probably why everyone is scratching their heads about the upcoming Spielberg governed Tin Tin project. But fortunately for me, I read every single Tin Tin book ever growing up, and though I don’t remember much about the plots besides “Tin Tin + Mystery = Solved,” I remember thinking they were totally kickass when I was eight.


Ooook, maybe don’t remember that part.

The movie is shaping up to have a great cast, with Jamie Bell just recently cast as Tin Tin and Daniel Craig as the villanous Red Rackham. Also involved is the unstoppable duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and their pal Edgar Wright is co-writing the script. I’ll be damned if I can find an IMDB page to find out anything else. I believe Speilberg is directing this film (the unfortunately titled Secret of the Unicorn) and Peter Jackson is already lined up to do the sequel. And if that’s not enough forethought, the two are planning to Wonder Twins it up and co-direct the third installement. Look, as I said, I love Tin Tin, but they’re really banking hard on American audiences knowing who the hell Tin Tin is.

The entire project is being shot in kind of cool, kind of creepy, mo-cap 3-D CGI a-la-Beowulf and Polar Express. I’ve got mixed feelings about that style, but hopefully by 2011 we’ll be well on our way to climbing out of uncanny valley.


Tin Tin! Stop ruining my childhood memories already!


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