“I Suck at Modern Warfare 2” – A Fail Montage


You’ve probably seen a bunch of “l337” montages ever since Modern Warfare 2 came out, showcasing various twelve year olds who have the propensity to no-scop headshot you from across the map while listening to Nickelback blaring through their headsets. This is why I like this video, where the player recorded all the instances of just how much they actually suck at the game.¬† And it’s set to that song that played when American Idols got kicked off two seasons ago. What? At least its not Nickelback.

I can relate with a good many of these, as sometimes I miss kills and say “I am just so goddamn bad at this game.” To be fair though, I blame some of this on Infinity Ward, like when I miss lunge with my knife at someone who is clearly two inches in front of me.

I think the tac respawn kill is saddest in the video, but he totally had that coming.

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  1. It’s pretty funny to see a FAIL video like that. To be fair, several of those deaths were caused by his knife lunge totally missing a guy he was looking right at. That happens a lot when you aren’t the host.

  2. Awww, poor guy(I’m not one of those overtly capable players, but some of those were pretty goddamned awful). What the hell was with trying to plant claymores right in front of people?

  3. The guy deserved a few of those instances of being owned. Seriously, planting claymores behind people? Why not just shoot them or at the very least knife them? Though to be fair I’ve got caught out a few times dicking about and running up right beside people and putting the sight right on them for a headshot only for them to turn at the last second and knife me…..:-( Still, pretty funny video.

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