I Don’t Know What’s Going On Here, But I Approve

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UPDATE: Now with more Ginger Hufflepuff! Thanks Gank.

This is some sort of photoshop project which converts Hermoine Granger into other Hogwarts houses, which alters her face and hair in subtle ways that are kind of hot, and kind of creepy.

In Ravenclaw, you have to be more plain and unnoticeable I guess, while in Slytherin you have to be hot, blonde and vaguely evil looking. Why isn’t Hufflepuff here? Because who really wants to see Hermoine photoshopped with forty extra pounds on her? Yeah, you heard me Hufflepuff, what are you going to do about it? Hit back at me with patience and understanding? I thought so.

Oh and I guess while we’re here, I could pose this question. Which Harry Potter house would you be in, and why? Feel free to say Hufflepuff despite my fat jokes.

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  1. Probably a Ravenclaw. Logical, analytical and I tend to stay away from the spotlights.
    I’d just hate to be in Gryffindor, I hate people like that, sometimes Harry & gang are bigger assholes than anyone from Slytherin.
    Also – short haired Emma is hot, so go away Steve.

  2. I’d probably like to be in Ravenclaw. Failing that, Slytherin. I love snakes. I don’t mind everyone thinking I’m evil. I’ll get over it. I don’t care if I have no friends. I’ll talk to the snakes. The snakes love me. Then who’ll laugh at snakeboy when he’s army of king cobras are biting their way through the school?! No one! Only me! ME!!!

    Rethinking my decision, in the Harry Potter universe I’d probably be housed in Azkaban.

  3. Pretty interesting to see what effect the color of the hair and eyes has on the way we see people. Ravenclaw is a smart chick and slytherin looks like a dumb bitch, or is it just me?

  4. @ mick: you’ll laugh at yourself? well THAT’s a pretty sick slytherin^^

    but i guess i’d join you in that house… not because i’d fit (i really have no idea what the recommendations are), but because i like to be the “evil” outsider^^

  5. Well i would do anything for my friends and stuff but everyone else i just use for my own benefits and i don’t care if they are hurt so… yeah i would go to griffindor or slitherin. Personally i would prefer slytherin, evil dudes who defy rules we would party all night and be stoned all day while we could cast spells to have an alcohol fountain, self made cocktails and self rolled weed!

  6. Cedric Diggory aka Edward aka Robert Pattinson was in Hufflepuff. He was supposed to be the only one chosen from Hogwarts for the Triwizard tournament.

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