How Video Game Coaches Help Players to Improve Their Gaming Skills

The gaming industry has seen a great expansion in the last ten years. More and more people are getting involved in playing games. Players are becoming professionals and have been earning a handsome income. Along with drawing a good salary, these pro gamers professionals also receive incentives and perks similar to what a full-time employee will get in a firm. Not just making plenty of cash, teams are earning a stable income too.  This article will provide you a detailed understanding of how impactful are video game coaches in enhancing the skills of players.

What are the employment avenues for gaming professionals?

With the flourishing gaming industry, skilled gamers nowadays are making a good amount of money. Gaming teams offering game coaching worldwide are appreciating and supporting the talent of these gamers by offering them full employment contracts to esports players.

Coaching games net is one of the popular firms who pay their team members with a fixed sum of salary that offer benefits such as medical healthcare and Central Provident Fund! Players at these firms also get proper coaching in respective games so as to reach full potential and do well in competitions and tournaments.

Things that you need to know before making a career in esports

Earlier people had this preconceived notion that video games are simply a waste of energy and time. It does not lead to any productive use like assisting in building a career. However, esports provides excellent and genuine employment job opportunities to seekers. It is a progressing field that provides a lot of viable career means to people.

Esports has generated nearly $500m in terms of global revenues in the year 2016. There are several other firms that are getting involved in it. This implies that more jobs will be available to newcomers and experienced players within the gaming industry.

What type of jobs are available?

There are variety of different roles available in the field of esports. Below is provided a selection of well-known roles in esports.

  • Professional player
  • Coach or analyst
  • Shoutcaster or host
  • Journalist or content creator
  • Product manager
  • PR or Marketing executive
  • Sales or partnerships manager
  • Admin or referee
  • Community or social media manager
  • Organization owner or manager
  • Event manager
  • Broadcast or production crew
  • Agent
  • Other roles such as statistician, finance, lawyer, support etc
  • Other gaming careers such as publishers, developers, distribution etc

How to make a career in esports

Get good work experience

Either get involved in esports or take help of organizations, teams, broadcasters, tournament providers, and other firms that sponsor sports event. Contact a senior person with whom you wish to work with.

To get a good work experience requires that you approach respected firms and friendly professionals who take a good amount of time to provide a valuable insight into esports and develop your skills. Secure a placement in the field that you are interested in.

Find a niche

To perform best in any field, it is important to focus on a single area and then gain specialization in it.

Become a volunteer

There are various firms that are looking for paid and unpaid volunteer positions. You can volunteer as an event staff, assist organization of tournaments, sit at the reception desk, offer technical support, assist in smooth running of the event and assist visitors. By performing these services, you would gain priceless experience that will add weight to your CV. This will surely impress your prospective employers.

Just do it

One of the best ways to learn and hone skills is to begin doing whatever you wish to get paid for. This implies that if you wish to become a pro player, then put efforts to join a local team to begin with.


The future of gaming professionals is promising.  If you have a genuine interest in sports and willing to walk that extra mile to turn your dream true, then this field has a lot to offer. With the right assistance of sports firms and hard work, there is nothing that can stop you from making a rewarding career in the field of sports.

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