How to Turn Your Home into A Creative Playground

We hear a lot about customizing your home for games these days. No longer are gamers stuck in a basement dealing out cards and rolling dice on folding tables or cramped in a bedroom with small screens and bad lighting. As gaming of all kinds gains popularity, our play spaces get bigger, better, and more interesting, too.

But who says custom table tops and gaming dens are the only way to make your space more fun? Instead, turn your home into a game itself by making your walls, doors, and furniture an interactive whiteboard surface. In this article, we’ll go over some of the unique ways that whiteboard paint can make your space more engaging, entertain your guests, and boost your creativity.

Constant Play – Without the Cleanup

Whiteboard paint offers the perfect opportunity to turn your space into a haven for play and artistic expression – and it’s also a great addition to any existing game room. Any table-top gamer knows that having a space to write down thoughts, track scores, and monitor game progress is absolutely essential to staying on top of your games, but paper builds up quick.

For a lot of kids, walls, tables, windows, and doors are already blank canvases. Many times a parent has been frustrated to find their pristine paint jobs covered in doodles from the blossoming artists in their family – often in the most permanent of media.

Coming home to an unexpected mural can be frustrating, but kids draw for good reason. Drawing is an important part of childhood development and helps kids develop motor skills, perspective, cognitive reasoning, and self-confidence. Giving your children a designated place to hone their skills, erase, and make a new masterpiece is a perfect opportunity to help them grow – and it can be tons of fun! Make time to draw as a family, play games like tic-tac-toe, and bond.

But it’s not just kids who get to enjoy the forgiving nature of dry-erase walls – adults can join in, too. Playing games is important for adults, just like it is for kids. It helps us let go of stress, relax, and improve our social relationships, and we all know that finding time to exercise our creative side can be difficult in the day-to-day. Dry-erase surfaces offer a zero-commitment, simple way to unwind.

No More Walls to Creativity

So, letting loose and getting the creative juices isn’t just fun – it’s important. Playing impromptu games, drawing, and improvising on a blank space are essential ways to build confidence and teamwork, build brain power, and even boost productivity. So, how do you start? Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect spot for your new canvas:

  • Go big! If you live in a larger home, consider dedicating a rec room, play room, or den to your playful endeavor. Paint three or four walls to maximize your creative potential.
  • Magnetize! Consider a magnetized primer or paint if you plan to paint walls. That way, you can hang decorations, notes, reminders, and photos with ease.
  • If you rent your home or live in a smaller space, coat a table top or cabinet doors. Utilizing a smaller surface allows you to still reap all the benefits of whiteboard space without committing to too much.
  • Table-top gamers – paint the table top! Getting up to get to a whiteboard across the room can be a major inconvenience, especially when it happens all the time. Turning the actual play surface into a dry-erase surface is a perfect way to track player seating, card and token arrangement, and other important details.
  • Paint together! Even just the process of getting your space set up can be a fun, collaborative experience.

Once you’ve got your surfaces painted up, it’s time to get the fun started.

Old Games with A New Twist

So, we’ve gone over the basics of turning your home into a whiteboard playground – where to paint and why its important. Here’s a rundown of some of the games and activities you can try out once you’ve got your space set up.

Table-Top Games

When you have a playing surface that doubles as a drawing board, table-top games take on a whole new dimension. Players can take notes, track their stats, and manage gameplay much more easily than before. Try making your own board expansions, maps, and rules on your game table.

Timed Drawing

Whiteboards are a unique type of canvas – they’re completely forgiving. With this activity, you and your friends or family can let go and draw without worrying about the final product. Set a timer for one to five minutes and take turns drawing on your wall. You might be surprised what you come up with!

If you want to change things up a little, use a music playlist instead of a timer – simply draw until the song ends. You can also come up with a list of drawing prompts and have each artist pick out of a jar before their turn.

Cooperative Drawing

Another unique part of having whiteboard walls is their size. While cooperative drawing works on any scale, having one, two, three, or even four walls of a room as a canvas allows you to completely fill a space with the creative work of a ton of different people. Start a drawing on one part of the board and leave connecting marks for the next person to work off of – and so on until you have a mural of all your guests’ work.

You can also leave your open drawing up over more than one gathering. Invite all your guests to contribute. Over time, you’ll have a piece of artwork that fills a room with unique perspectives and styles. When it fills up the space, erase it and start over!


Pictionary is a beloved classic, and it can be even more fun when you have a huge space to work with. This is a great game for kids and adults that combines improvisation, drawing, and teamwork – all with a healthy dose of competition. Having a three-dimensional space to draw opens up brand new possibilities to give your team a leg up.

Magnet Games

While there are plenty of ways to be creative, not all games have to include drawing. Whiteboards are a durable surface that’s perfect for any game you can with magnets. Make up a board game and use refrigerator magnets as pieces or adapt classics like backgammon or checkers.

Don’t limit yourself to board games, though. Magnetized darts make a great kid-friendly alternative to sharp projectiles, and store-bought suction cup attachments can turn plastic cups into an easy-to-set-up game of pong or ball toss.

Whiteboard Jenga

This option is perfect for those who don’t have access to a larger surface to paint. Instead, coat a set of Jenga-style blocks with whiteboard paint. When you’re ready to play, write a task on each block and set them up with the task facing inwards. When the player pulls the block, they have to perform the task!

This can be a great educational game for kids – write simple math problems or spelling words, mixed in with some fun or silly activities. Adults can put a different spin on the game and include things like trivia, dancing, or singing.

These are just a few ideas for the erase-able, renewable, and unique space you can create with whiteboard paint, but the possibilities are endless. Think about ways to adapt your own favorite games or take a look at some lists of other games online for even more inspiration.

Wrapping Things Up

Whiteboard paint opens up a whole new world for decorating, creating, and playing games with family and friends. From simply letting your creative juices flow to full-blown game nights, turning your home into a dry-erase playground is a perfect way to bring a little more fun into your life.

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