How to Step Back in Time for a Day

How many times do you switch on the news and just wish you could be back in ‘better’ days. Of course, we all tend to look at our past with rose tinted glasses on, and it may not actually have been better, but we like to think it was. Thinking about the past often brings back happy memories and makes us feel good. So, why not prise the kids away from their tablets, forget about chores for once, and spend the day stepping back in time. It’s fun for everyone and it can be educational too, for adults and kids alike. There are many great ideas you can use, to make revisiting the past a memorable experience.

Bring out the home movies

One of the best ways of checking out the past is to bring the old home movies down from the attic. This can be a big eye opener, when you get to see mom and dad making some dubious fashion choices, or you get to show your kids that you were young once too. If you have old Super 8 movies, and you do not have the equipment to show them, ask a film conversion expert for help. They can convert your movies into a format that will last a lot longer, so that you can pass the memories on down the generations. Once this conversion work is done, all you need to do is   open the popcorn and prepare to enjoy the experience.

Try some historical cosplay

Let’s face it, we all have times when we wish we were someone else. Cosplay helps us to make this happen. You do not have to be attending a convention to enjoy transforming yourself. The whole family can get a fun history lesson, by transporting themselves through costume to the court of Louis XIV or the battlefield of the American Civil War. You can turn up the fun by creating a character for everyone and by inviting friends and neighbors to join in.

If going back in time too far is not your thing, go retro for the day. The 60s, 70s and 80s were all colorful and exciting times with some great tunes to accompany them. Play some Joplin, Jackson or Beastie Boys while you look the part.

Bring on the TV greats

While we are on the subject of retro, what is not to love about classic TV shows. Of course, many of the shows we love today will be considered classics in the future, but there is something a little magical, and more innocent, about the shows of the last century. Timeless classics like I Love Lucy and Bewitched will always have a place in people’s hearts. You may even want to include a slice of cheese, with shows like The Love Boat. We tend to dismiss many old shows as not being as real as today’s TV. But, real is not always what you want. It’s fun to look back at creaky scenery and dodgy sets and enjoy the experience.

Go on a tour of old haunts

Most of us have places from our childhood and teen years that bring back great memories. A good way of stepping back in time for a day is to re-visit these places. This works especially well if you have moved away from the area where you grew up, as you may not have seen these places for many years. It’s interesting to see how they changed.

Before you go, sit down and make a list of the places that were most special to you. Then you need to plan a route, so that you make best use of your ttime. If you have any photographs of the places as they were, take them with you, so that you can compare then with now. This is especially  useful if you take your family with you, as they will not have the same mental picture of the past that you do.

The advances in technology that keep us racing further away from our past are mostly a good thing. However, it’s good to put down the iPhone and ignore the smart hub for a while, and enjoy a time when watching movies on a phone was still confined to science fiction. It’s a good way of taking a step back from the pressures of life as you can savor the memories of times that seemed a lot more straightforward and less stressful.

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