How to Save Movies From Streaming Platforms on a PC

Nowadays there are lots of streaming platforms out there that offer convenient access to movies. But while being able to launch an app and immediately stream a movie can be very handy overall, the one drawback is that you always need to be online.

Not having the option to ‘save’ content to be watched later and without an online connection has always been something that users have invariably found wanting. Some streaming platforms have introduced a feature to save content, but it is normally very limited.

Instead in most cases your best bet is to look at other alternatives:

Video downloader websites and apps

Essentially these websites or apps all work in a similar fashion, and you will copy and paste the URL of the video that you want to download so that it can be processed. After a short wait (normally not more than a few seconds) you will be provided with a download link.

While this option is convenient, you may face limitations in terms of the video quality and its maximum duration. On top of that most of these platforms are replete with advertisements and some can be fairly intrusive.

The main limitation however is that you need to have a URL for the movie in order to use this option – and that may not always be the case.

Browser extensions to download the video source

Another alternative is to use one of the many browser extensions that are designed to let you detect and download the source of a video. Because it is browser-based this option can only work for streaming platforms on websites.

Although generally there are no limitations in terms of the video quality or duration, browser extensions can often vary in effectiveness. Sometimes the video source may be hidden or masked, and the extension may have issues detecting it.

The main difference between this option and video downloader websites is the fact that you download the video directly from its source, as opposed to having it processed by a third party platform and downloading it from them. Technically it is possibly to manually locate the video source, but that can be time consuming.

Screen recording to capture the movie

Although it may seem complicated, using screen recording to capture the movie while it is playing on your screen is actually a very useful alternative to the options discussed so far. Unlike them it is not tied to a URL or browser, and so you can save movies from within apps as well.

The drawback of this option however is that it can take longer – especially if you want to save a complete feature-length film. Because you’re recording it from your screen you will need to play the movie in its entirety while the recording is ongoing.

In some ways the video capture Mac or PC software that you use can help make it a bit easier if it has ways to automate the recording. For example in Movavi Screen Capture Studio you can set a timer or schedule the recording.

It is up to you to decide which of the options listed above is best suited to your needs – which will largely depend on the streaming platform that you want to save content from. If possible you should try each option out however, so you have a better understanding of how it works, its limitations, and how easy it is to use.

Suffice to say between these options you should have no trouble saving any movie that you want from any streaming platform at the end of the day.

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