How to Play Gameboy Advance Games on Your PC

Did you know that you could also use your personal computer to play the latest GBA games? While handheld consoles are more common among GBA enthusiasts, you can experience much more excitement by playing on a personal computer. It is nothing short of mind-blowing. The challenge, however, continues to linger on many player’s minds on where to start or what steps to follow so as to play this interesting games on their PCs. This hence is an in-depth instructable to help you learn how to play GBA games on PC.

First Find an Emulator

Whether you are looking to play the Gameboy Advance Game or the Gameboy game, you need a Visual Boy Advance emulator. But where do you find it? Well, to find the latest version, you should visit the official Page. Here you can click on the files section to download the latest emulator. Once you click on the download link, give it a few seconds and remember to save the zip file.

Note that to improve convenience, it is advisable to create a new folder in your PCs hard drive. Here, is where you will store and save anything in regard to the Gameboy Advance game. Inside this folder, create a separate folder where you can extract and save the emulator which you just downloaded. In this second folder create a third folder where your ROMs should go.

To open the emulator, find the VisualBoyAdvance.exe’ and simply double-click on it.

To leave or exit the emulator, click on File’ and then click on Exit’.

Find the ROMs

The ROM is important as it is crucial towards how efficient your gaming experience will be. The ROM works in conjunction with the emulator in order to run the GBA game. To find the ROMs, on your search engines search bar type the name of the specific GBA game you are looking for. For example, say you are looking for the Mega Man X game, you will type Mega Man X.gba’ on the search bar.

Remember to leave out the quotation marks and to always include .gba’ in all your GBA searches.

Usually, you will see certain words under the game. These words are supposed to give you relevant information on the type of system the GBA game runs on. Double check that it reads, Gameboy Advance gba. If it reads anything other than this, then the game will not run.

To run the ROMS, there are some steps to be followed. They include,

  • Install and Open the Gameboy advance game you just downloaded
  • Click on File’, and then click on Open’
  • You can also open by clicking on File’ and then clicking on Open Gameboy’
  • Here you will find the ROM. Click Open

Note that regardless of which one of the two ways you choose to follow in order to open the Gameboy or Gameboy Advance game, both will work the same.

To leave or exit from the ROM, click on File’ and then click on Close’.

How to figure out the controls

Now that you have successfully opened both the Emulator and the ROM, it is time to learn your controls. Click on Options’ and a drop-down menu will appear. Point your mouse over (do not click) the term joypad’ then again over the term configure’ thereafter click on 1…’

A dialog box will thereafter open detailing how to perform different controls during the game. For example, you will see that to move right you should press the right arrow, to move left press the left arrow and to move up and down press the up and down arrows on your PC keyboard respectively. These are just a few of the many controls you will see on the dialog box.

Tips and tricks to use when playing the GBA game

Shortcut keys

Certain speed keys or shortcuts exist to help you quickly perform specific functions. Some of these keys include the “CTRL+F1” – “CTRL+F10”. This shortcuts help the player to save a state. Note that every F button enables you to save a particular state in its own save slot. Therefore, to load a saved state, press on F1 to F10’ depending on which one you want to open.

How to widen your window

Now that you know how to open or close the GBA game, you are finally able to play but the window is too small. To help you widen your window, follow these steps;

  • Find Options’
  • Go to the video’ submenu
  • Click on the size you want out of the listed available options
  • Size options include, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x

For the latest GBA games and all your other favorite games, you can find and download here and with that, you can go ahead and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience

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