Hey There Macaulay

What did Macaulay Culkin do after rising to fame as the star of Home Alone? Went kind of crazy, that’s what. Not sure if you remember, but he got in some big legal battle with his parents about all the money he earned, he became best friends with Michael Jackson (uh oh) and then got married at like 16. I think this picture was taken around that time when he was off the deep end.

Thankfully, he righted himself and is actually acting sporadically again, and I’m obliged to always mention he’s been dating MILA KUNIS steadily for years. How does that happen? You go Mac. You and your platform shoes.

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  1. I was cracking up at the fact that his brother played at homo in Scott Pilgrim… man the Caulkins whored out their kids. and wow he dates Mila, im jealous.

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