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Tip/Wag – Mexico City Marriage Licenses & Modern Warfare 3’s XP Promotion
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So I’m not normally one to toot my own horn here, but I did want to share something with you guys I thought was pretty cool.

Some random person on Twitter yesterday messaged me and told me that Colbert had just called me a “flava hater” on his show. Not sure what that meant, I turned on The Colbert Report to see for myself. Was he talking in general terms about critics of something in particular, a category which I somehow fell under?

No, Colbert literally did a two minute Tip of Hat segment about an article I wrote for Forbes. If you pause it just right, you can see my name and everything! It’s about how Modern Warfare 3 is giving away Double XP time to those who buy Doritos or Mountain Dew. Naturally, Colbert has some pretty great commentary.

Anyway, I was just pretty pumped about it, and I thought you guys might want to check it out. The segment starts about two minutes into the video above.

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  1. Very cool! I read that article before sometime last month on forbes when i realized you wrote it and thought it was awesome. Great to see you are getting some good recognition!

  2. Hey just so you know there is a type-o in one of the paragraphs…
    “I THOUGH the line was being drawn with pre-order bonuses promising weapons and attachments that couldn’t be found in the actual ga…”

  3. Congratulations. Having said that, that doesn’t sound like a bad promotion to me. Some of us aren’t sitting at home religiously for the Double XP weekends, but would like a way to catch up. Having said that… plenty of nerdtrons out there are going to milk this thing for everything its worth within the first 48 hours of release. Good idea, in concept, for those of us who aren’t game-exploiting freaks. That being said… the game is going to be a total waste, exactly like the previous 9 entries (like you didn’t already know that), and people are just going to go crazy buying it because, hey — were all really just grown 8 year olds when it comes to our video games. If everyone else is going to be playing the new army game all winter, well I can’t be left out.

    Having said that… don’t you despise people who use that phrase.

  4. You know, I never knew you were Paul Tassi from Insert Coin. I always thought it was cool that this site linked to your articles. Now I know why! 😀 Keep up the sweet roundhouse kicks!

  5. Heh, realized this when I was watching the re-run at 6:30 pm yesterday. I thought that the thing Colbert was mentioning sounded familiar when I realized that I had read the exact article he was talking about.

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