Here’s Who Was Missing from Last Night’s South Park


South Park has come under a lot of heat for their even implied showing of Muhammad during their two part 200th episode, from radical groups who believe showing an image of the prophet is a sin, even when he’s in a bear costume. And he’s actually Santa Clause.

Last night, Comedy Central took it one step further when they bleeped out even Muhammad’s name during the episode, in addition to censoring his image from the show, thus fully caving into the religious extremists.

But there was something under that censored bar, the same something that was blacked out in the original Super Best Friends Episode. There is a South Park rendition of Muhammad, and I’m posting it here if you want to see it.

I was going to put it as the main picture, but I don’t want to be deliberately offensive I suppose, so he’s after the jump if you’d like to check him out. He has a turban, he’s holding fire. It’s not really a big deal.

Please don’t bomb me.



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  1. “But there was something under that censored bar, the same something that was blacked out in the original Super Best Friends Episode.”

    He was shown in the original episode. Maybe now they’ve gone back and put in a black bar for future showings, I dunno.

  2. If you noticed last night, the South Park sign in the opening credits was bigger than usual because they’ve had Muhammad just to the right of it towards the back the entire season. Just look for a guy wearing gold in the other episodes from this season.

  3. South Park didn’t back down. Comedy Central did. CC censored a large amount of the episode after Matt and Trey sent it in. I’m guessing Matt and Trey censored the message just to show how much of a joke this whole situation is

  4. @andrew: the big black censor bar was put in as part of the original joke. I think the only thing CC added was the audio bleeps, to which Matt and Trey bleeped over the entire message at the end.

  5. @LAO, Andrew is right.
    Muhammad’s first appearance was uncensored (before 9/11) in the super best friend’s episode. Then when he appeared again (post 9/11), CC Censored him.

    South Park played off that by covering up Tom Cruise and then censoring the final monologue.

  6. While over-censoring everything would make a pretty good point about the ridiculousness of all this, Matt and Trey have already come out and said that Comedy Central added the bleeps:

    “In the 14 years we’ve been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn’t stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn’t some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn’t mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We’ll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we’ll see what happens to it.”

    So I think that pretty much settles it, guys.


  7. They aren’t streaming episode 200 or 201 right now because of all this crap. Once they do, it should be in its original form, as most of the episodes don’t feature any of the censoring from the TV edit.

    It’s really lame that Comedy Central pussed out again, and even harder this time.

  8. I wrote up a blog post last night about the whole thing and when i went looking for clips on South Park Studios they had clips from the original Super Best Friends up and Muhammad was not censored. There was an interview Matt & Trey did with Boing Boing where they point out on re-airings of SBF he is not bleeped but anything they put out after has been censored. It’s crazy. Even more so was a Facebook post by my local Fox affiliate asking if Comedy Central went too far with showing Muhammad last night even though they didn’t show him. These people making complaints only reading headlines and not paying attention to the actual content of the issue.

  9. @radical mcmusliman, calm the hell down. theyve shown jesus brutally murdering people before and you don’t hear christians bitching anywhere near this much about it. and also, you can’t demand anyone to do shit.

  10. I’ve never been offended by anything I’ve seen in south park.

    And I’m a muslim.

    Some people need to chill out – there are far worse things out on the internet and in real life than a poorly depicted figurehead (He looks nothing like any description I have ever read, and the pic in this article makes him look like a buddhist sikh!) in an episode of a cartoon that you are not obligated to watch in the first place…

    I honestly hope noone gets hurt by all this nonsense tho.

  11. Besides, he isn’t “holding” fire. His Super Best Friend power is actually manipulating flame! Immolation! Just like real Muslims!

    You know who has no sense of humor? Terrorists. And Muslims. So, if my logic is correct, that means all terrorists are Muslims? Or all Muslims are terrorists? Or both?

  12. This is wrong. in Islam, it is specifically said that Muhammad should not be depicted ever in anyway. is it that hard to respect a religion? its not like you’re getting back at terrorists with this. its just insensitive.
    and @justsy you’re a retard most terrorists are American anyway

  13. @TheCoolest, why should they blindly follow what another religion says out of “respect”? They have every right to question why he can’t be shown and the right to question the religion. Muslim people also have the freedom to not watch the episode.

  14. Evidently the newest picture of Muhammed has been circulating
    this entire time and we have all been staring it straight in the
    face. A new incarnation of the prophet has taken the shape of a small black box wearing a sash with censorship printed across it. Although sometimes seen without the sash or wearing a red box instead of the slimming black one, this is evidently the form that he has taken to remind us all that the violence and threats that these extremists spew are not the actions of a true muslim but that of one calling oneself a muslim who follows a perverted interpretation of the Koran. Gaze upon him and cast aside your feelings of hatred for this was just a test of true faith

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