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I hardly ever use Unreality to plug my own personal agenda, but on rare occasion the opportunity arises and I must take advantage of the fact that I run my own site.

The cause in question today is that of young Joe Baur, as seen above, who has been nominated along with three other kids competing to be named “The Funniest College Student on Campus” by Twix, because I guess they have the power to determine such a title.

Joe is a friend of mine and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be famous someday, so by voting for him in this contest, you can say you heard about him first when he gets his own Comedy Central Presents special.

The contest was to make a short commerical for Twix aimed at college kids. Joe’s video is here, and the link to vote for him is here. Yeah, it asks for an email, but I’m pretty sure you can put whatever down. Though I put my real one and I haven’t received any Twix related messages yet.

So once again, vote for Joe from Ohio here.

/end plug

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