Heed His Warning


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Behold, my newest Pokemon-themed wallpaper, err well, my only Pokemon themed wallpaper. I remember the days of throwing Magikarp out first, letting him flop around for a second then pulling him back so he still got “battle experience.”

Eventually he turned into Gyrados, the raging Chinese dragon of the sea, hence the joke here. Though if I have to explain my Pokemon jokes, it’s not really worthwhile is it?

Props if you appreciated it. Super props if you actually made it your wallpaper.

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  1. I never had the patience for such lack of ability. The Gyarados would have been nice though. Maybe if I had realized back then what Magikarp turned into I woulda stuck with him. BUT HE’S SUCH A FLOP. HAR HAR AHR.

  2. Extra super ultra mega question for Paul: Do the pokeballs that house the water-type/water-based Pokemon (such as Magikarp) also contain water in them so that the little guys can breathe?


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