Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I was about to launch into a leprechaun-ish accent just now to open this post, but I restrained myself. It’s St. Patrick’s day, the best college holiday in existence, and since I still live in a college town I get to appreciate that to some extent.

Gone are the days where I wake up at seven, draw Boondock Saints on myself in permanent marker, start drinking and wander around campus to every frat that’s open all day, but hey, at least I redesigned the banner of our site! That’s a shout out to all your Irish readers offended by our recent British movie selection.

So yeah, St. Patrick’s might not be what it used to be for me, but I still say it should be a federal holiday we get off work for. Who’s with me?

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  1. Technically it would be much better to get the day AFTER St. Patrick’s Day off as really who wants to go to work hungover? Or better still who wants to stop celebrating just because it’s no longer St. Patrick’s Day? Sadly I could not celebrate at all this year due to work/school but there’s always next year.

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